Berlin’s History of Sex (Offline Guided Tour)

Hi, my name is Jeff. I am a sociologist with focus on human sexualities, and in Berlin’s History of Sex (the offline guided tour), we’ll dive together into the history of sexual science and sex life in Berlin. We’ll discover, among many other things, Dr Magnus Hirschfeld’s institute of sexual science, past-Berlin’s infamous Eldorado Club, as well as present-day Berlin’s Kit Kat Club. The tour starts in the late 19th Century and go through the Roaring Twenties and the downfall of sexual freedom at the hand of the Nazis. We’ll cover the resurrection after the war in a divided Berlin, as well as the current state today.

Really informative and special. Jeff knows a lot in this area and presents the content with passion.

Chester (Taiwan)
Tour guide showing photos to Berlin visitors during the guided tour of Berlin's History of Sex
On my tablet, I’ll show you a lot of historical photos and videos linked to the places we visit.

In Berlin’s History of Sex, e’ll explore:

  • Dr Magnus Hirschfeld’s story – the founder of modern sexual science;
  • the foundation of the world’s first LGBTIQ rights organization;
  • Berlin’s sexual and nightlife in the 1920s – including sex work and fetishes;
  • sex & gender diversity at world-famous Eldorado clubs that even saw high Nazi officials as visitors;
  • the home of British-American writer Christopher Isherwood, whose Berlin stories led to a world-famous musical;
  • the former location of sexologist Dr Hirschfeld’s institute of sexual science;
  • the eradication of sexual freedom by Nazi Germany and its resurrection after WWII;
  • the emergence of the AIDS epidemic and how differently West and East Germany/Berlin dealt with it;
  • the districts of Schöneberg and Kreuzberg, some of the world’s most prominent LGBTIQ centres;
  • and current clubs of sexual liberty, including the Kit Kat Club, Berghain, and Lab.oratory.

Jeff’s tour was something I could not have experienced or known on my own.

Lauren (Australia)
Where we will meet:

In front of the palace “Schloss Bellevue” at Spreeweg 1, 10557 Berlin.


about 3 hours


English; German on request (Deutschsprachige Touren sind nur als private Touren zu einem Festpreis von 200€ (egal wie viele Teilnehmer*innen) möglich. Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich unter für eine deutschsprachige Tour.)

  • Please make sure you have a valid public transport ticket as we will travel by underground and/or bus. 
  • Accessible by wheelchair.
  • Please bring an umbrella or sun protector and water depending on weather conditions. (In extreme weather conditions we’ll make it a nice and warm coffee shop visit in one of Berlin’s most famous districts and we’ll explore the history digitally.)
  • This tour is only for people 18+.
  • Unique tour in Berlin: Also makes a great gift for loved ones!
  • If you would like a private tour for you or your group alone (price: 200€), please message me at

About your guide:

I am a sociologist, and I focussed my studies on gender, queer theory, social justice, and sexualities, as well as post-colonial and human-animal-studies. Currently, I am additionally studying gender studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin, and I am a self-employed tourist guide, as well as a freelance speaker and writer about human sexualities. I have been working and volunteering for several sexual health and human rights NGOs, including Germany’s National AIDS Service Organization (Deutsche Aidshilfe). In Berlin, I have been living since 2014, and I have been fascinated by sex for more than a decade – so with me, you’ll surely get the facts about sex you never knew before.

I really enjoyed this! Jeff was both knowledgeable and fun to have as a guide.

James (MA, USA)