ORJIZMIC is all about human sexualities. ORJIZMIC offers guided tours, online experiences, blog posts, presentations, workshops, and articles about human sexualities and sexual sciences. Occasionally, ORJIZMIC also offers blog posts about current political and cultural events.

ORJIZMIC’s Mission

ORJIZMIC is guided by the words of the founder of modern sexual science, Magnus Hirschfeld: Per scientiam ad justitiam, through science to justice. ORJIZMIC’s goals are the following three:

  1. educate about human sexualities;
  2. promote physical, psychological/emotional, and cultural sexual health (i.e. how we as a culture talk about and handle sexuality);
  3. fight discrimination, stigmatization, and oppression based on sexual preferences, behaviours, phantasies, prejudices or identities. (E.g.: serophobia, homophobia, bi- & panphobia, kink-shaming, poly-shaming, slut-shaming, body-shaming, the pathologization of asexuality, sexual harassment, the stigma of sex work, the stigma of the sexualities of the elderly or of people with disabilities, or the sexualization of women, BIPOC, Muslims, and other people.)

Lastly, ORJIZMIC sees itself as an ally to movements like Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, and various other social justice movements by different groups. ORJIZMIC also strives to help build better movements for all that provide safer spaces and try to prevent abuse both from within as well as from outside our movements. ORJIZMIC is dedicated to contributing to a more relational world and seeks to continuously improve its communication to become more mindful and inclusive.

About Myself

ORJIZMIC's founder Jeff Mannes

My name is Jeff Mannes (pronoun: he). I am a social scientist, speaker, tour guide, and freelance writer born in Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg and living in Berlin, Germany. I have been studying sociology and gender studies at the universities of Trier, Göttingen, and Berlin (Germany). I focussed my studies on human sexualities, queer theories, postcolonial studies, and human-animal-relationships.

In Berlin, I give my critically acclaimed guided tour “Berlin’s History of Sex” (supported by the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld). I also regularly write for magazines such as SIEGESSÄULE (Berlin’s highest-circulating city magazine, as well as Europe’s most-read LGBTIQ magazine) or for non-profits such as the German AIDS Service Organization (Deutsche Aidshilfe). Since 2019, I am also employed at the German AIDS Service Organization, working in PR & Social Media for ICH WEISS WAS ICH TU (IWWIT). IWWIT is a safer sex campaign directed at gay, bisexual, and other men having sex with men.